Five Ways to Gain New Subscribers to Your Newsletter

Even if you already have an established newsletter with a decent-sized subscriber database, you should still continue looking for ways to bring in new readers/followers. New subscribers mean new connections and new potential customers. Here are five things you can do to entice people to subscribe to your newsletter.

1. Run a contest. This one is a “no brainer,” but we sometimes get so involved in the minutia, we miss the obvious. Everyone wants to win something. buy youtube subscribers┬áit’s a violation of certain laws to make someone purchase something in order to enter a contest, it’s not a violation to have other requirements–such as being a newsletter subscriber. Put together a simple, fun contest, and when you’re creating your list of rules for participation, include something like, “Contest open to Amy Author’s Newsletter subscribers, only. To subscribe, go here.” Include any necessary links and/or instructions for subscribing to your newsletter. It’s that simple.Image result for youtube subscribers

But here’s an important side note. Many people will subscribe, but only for the duration of your contest. In order to keep them around, continue running smaller contest each month. Subscribers who know they have a chance to win something on an ongoing basis are more likely to stick around. Gaining them is only half the battle; the other half involves making things exciting enough to keep them!

2. Write a helpful article or “how-to” list (like this one!). If you’re looking to bring in new subscribers, a great way to attract attention is to provide a free, helpful article or list. People are always looking to learn how to do something, or how to do something better. Post your list or article on your blog–or use one of the many free article services, like –a nd, at the end of the article or list, add your newsletter subscribe information. The more effort you put into your article/list, the more likely you’ll see an increase in subscribers as a result. After all, if the article/list is high quality and informative, it stands to reason the newsletter by the same author will be, as well.

3. Hand out samples. Yes, everyone hates SPAM. And yes, there are rules against sending unsolicited emails. However, if you have a quality newsletter you believe has something to offer a potential subscriber, you should definitely offer a free sample. Instead of going for broke and requesting people sign up to receive something forever, when there’s a chance they won’t gain anything of value from it, try offering a one-time subscription. They sign up to receive one copy–your next issue–and if they don’t want to continue receiving your newsletter, they simply click the “opt out” button. (This assumes you have an opt-out button). If you don’t, this will be a little more difficult, because they’ll need to unsubscribe using whatever method you use normally.

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